Current Volume

The articles listed below are included in this year’s volume. Pratu publishes articles and reports on a rolling basis, and more will be added to the current volume throughout the year as they are completed – one more will be available very shortly for Volume 1.

Volume 1 (2020)

Article 1
Conan Cheong, Kingship and Procreation in a Pyu Viṣṇu Anantaśāyin Stone Relief from Śrīkṣetra [သရေခေတ္တရာရှိ ဗိဿနိုး အနန္တသာရင် ကျောက်စစ်ရုပ်တု၏ မင်းရိုက်ရာ နှင့် စည်ပင်ပြန့်ပွါးခြင်း]
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Article 2
Chhum Menghong, Nine Deities Panel in Ancient Cambodia [ផ្ទាំង​ចម្លាក់​ទេព​ប្រាំបួន​អង្គ​ក្នុង​អារ្យធម៌​ខ្មែរ​បុរាណ]
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Article 3
Ambra Calo, Durgā Mahiṣāsuramardinī in Likely Tantric Buddhist Context from the Northern Indian Subcontinent to 11th-Century Bali [Durga Mahiṣāsuramardinī dalam konteks agama Buddha Tantrayana dari Subkontinen India Utara dan Bali pada abad ke-11]
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